Kennel Club Name: Tea Rex at Dinobark
Date of Birth: 27/10/10
Gender: Bitch
Breed: Whippet (Non Pedigree)
KC Grade: NFC
UKA Level: NFC

Tegan came into my life in 2012 through a previous relationship – she has been bought for whippet racing but she preferred the whippets to the lure! I adored her structure and personality, and although I didn’t really have agility in mind too much – we did try flyball – which┬áI think she would have been really cool at but I chose not to stick to it. She is a carrier of a rare genetic mutation called Myotonic Hypertrophy, which allows affected whippets to have double muscling. When I first started training her she suffered from cramping, but since keeping her fit we have never had an issue.

Nicknamed Teapot – she is a bit of an oddball and usually has a very quiet personality in the house. She is quite independent at home and very chilled. She loves attention but usually on her own terms, sometimes she is incredibly cuddly and other times she would prefer to be by herself. She is very cool when learning – I wouldn’t say she learns particularly quickly but she does learn with great enthusiasm. She is VERY noisy and very bitey!!! When we play she absolutely loves rough play and tugging, and can get super crazy and super wild just through reward based training.

In 2015 I noticed her left eye had turned green in certain lighting, so I took her to the ophthalmologist who confirmed her retina had actually detached. She was admitted for full body scans and luckily was clear of any systemic disease. She had received no trauma whilst with myself, but they assume it was caused by traction due to vitreal detachment. We agreed it was safer to remove the left eye and she has been awesome ever since. I decided not to go ahead with agility training – perhaps if she already had a basic understanding, but her restricted vision can be an issue in every day life (she sometimes bumps into things!) so I did not feel comfortable or safe asking her to do commit to something so sharp and physically demanding.

She spends her days enjoying long walks and being Toast’s personal fitness trainer!