Kennel Club Name: Go Go Pogo Ranger
Date of Birth: 25/06/09
Gender: Bitch
Breed: Whippet
KC Grade: Retired
UKA Level: Retired

Pogo came into my life when I was 16, as a tiny 7 week old puppy. She had been born into the rescue Lurcher Link as her mum had been handed in pregnant. I got her with the intention to do agility, and she was the first dog of my very own that my parent’s ever let me have. I tried for several years to train her in agility, and she has very high drive and such a cool attitude especially for her breed – but she would go “weird” and offer very strong displacement behaviours at random times during training. I could never get her out into competition because of this and I eventually retired her.

Later on she was eventually diagnosed with intervertebral disc disease. She also suffered from acute pancreatitis which is now chronic. That’s just the strong stuff though, beyond those she has sensitivity to light, baldness and suspected¬†arthrtitis. In February 2017 she had spinal surgery, now limiting her movement but she is still very mobile.

Despite all her problems, those who know her know that she definitely is not defined by her health! She is bossy, doesn’t take any silliness, shouts at me if her dinner is late and is definitely the dog that my other dogs look up to. She is incredibly sweet, she has worked with lots of different reactive dogs through body language and is incredibly confident with her social skills. I will be lucky to ever have another dog like her – we know what one and other is¬†thinking just by glancing at each other. She roo-roos the people she loves and she spends most of her time wiggling and working out her next food source. Her addiction to food definitely rivals that of a Labrador, and she is more than happy to steal food right in front of your face!

She stands at 18 inches tall and has a head of the size of an apple, but she is a very solid dog and if it wasn’t for agility – I doubt her disc issues would have even been picked up on. She has nice structure which I think helps her spine issues, and she has a really cool “I don’t care” attitude – where she is always able to be positive and motivated. It’s weird to say your dog is your inspiration in life, but it’s true!