Neil Ellis Agility loves to let people give their experiences on training days they’ve attended, course design feedback provided and even about the courses designed for them. Thank you to you all for your contributions!

“I asked Neil to design a course for me in preparation for the performance weekend as due to a restricted sandschool size and only 10 jumps I was struggling to recreate the judges courses as they were all FCI sizes. Neil was able to create a flowing yet technical course which allowed me to test myself much further than I would, as I found I was naturally bias when designing (or attempting to design) my own courses! It is obvious Neil has a natural eye for course design and unfortunately that is something I really struggle with, so with Neil’s service it helps me push myself further and allow me to test the skills needed for european courses. I really can’t thank you enough Neil for designing such a perfect course, and I will now be relying on you for all my future training courses!”

Camryn Macleod – 14/3/19

“Each course Neil designs for me is within KC ring size specification and they really show how clever you can be with course design to obtain fast lines that really allow and encourage the dogs to open up.  Thanks so much Neil for these workshops and courses, your services have been hugely beneficial not just for me and my dogs but others who attend these days.”

“Neil is amazing and makes sure the FCI days are full of fun and personally even though by the end of the weekend I’m absolutely shattered I am on a high. The courses designed are current, often incorporating themes not only from Neil but from the FCI judges set to judge either the EO’s or the worlds.  They are fast and fluent with the underlying theme of attacking the courses set.”

Laura Stevens – 12/3/19

“I love Neil’s course design – always enjoy running his courses at shows and his FCI days, so I was really happy to learn about his online course design service! I knew he would be able to see recurring themes in course designs from certain judges so I asked him to help me prepare for the IFCS wold championships in April. Neil’s designs are so good, always really fun to run with great lines and cool challenges. I’ll definitely be using his course design services again in the future.”

Becky Sinclair – 25/2/2019

“I was certain Neil’s FCI course analysis day would be an interesting experience and eagerly seized the opportunity to attend. I’ve watched many FCI agility competitions and the style of course design appears to offer different challenges from those we see in the UK, so I was keen to find out more and attempt the courses for myself. It was fascinating to listen to Neil explaining what ‘FCI style’ actually means as I only had a vague concept previously. Neil’s incredible energy and enthusiasm transferred itself to us. Neil brought out the best in every dog and handler partnership, personally this training day has given me a huge boost in confidence as well as knowledge. I would thoroughly recommend booking one of Neil’s course analysis days. I had high expectations, but it exceeded even those. Not only did I learn a huge amount, I enjoyed every moment. Thanks Neil for one of the best agility days of my life!”

Julia Carr – 18/2/19

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I booked to attend the Neil Ellis FCI course analysis day hosted by Zoe Fillary Hammond but, as a competitor, instructor and judge I’m always keen to learn. The day started with an introduction and a chat about what an FCI style course entailed. The day then moved on to a mix of course running and course walking with discussions about how we could improve our handling and where we needed to work on our dog’s skill sets. Neil put us at ease throughout the day and his enthusiasm for the sport of agility and this style of course was truly infectious. By the end of the day, the whole group were enthused to get out there and compete on this style of course. I was somewhat ambivalent about the upcoming International tour series before the day, but now I want to get out and give it a go. If you get the chance to attend one of these days grab it with both hands. Neil’s reputation as a judge, both in this country and internationally, precedes him but he is also a fantastic instructor and brought out the best in all of us.”

Mike Jackson – 18/2/19

“I had 4 years of KC judging experience when I took a year out to have a baby. I came back to judging agility feeling nervous and having lost my self confidence. Through using Neil’s course analysis and feedback service, I was able to begin to build my self-assurance from a friendly and personable fellow judge. The feedback, particularly the skills sets, have been really useful, and it’s great to get an opinion from a knowledgeable source.”

Emily Osborne – 2018

“I use Neil’s course design service in preperation for big events. His knowledge of big event prep means the courses take elements from the judges of the events and are pulled into the course plans sent. The courses arrived in plenty of time with clear and concise notes on the layouts, and even better than that they were great fun to run!”

Nicola Wildman – 2018