Neil Ellis Agility is able to offer a variety of services that include all disciplines within Dog Agility. These services are outlined below:

Judging Appointments

Neil Ellis Agility serves as my brand new hub for all judging inquiries, making it easy to make requests and allowing me to to plan for the future. As a recognised Kennel Club Championship level judge and International Agility judge, I am available to judge all levels of agility across the UK and worldwide.

If you are interested in me judging for you at your show or event in 2018, 2019 or beyond, please visit the ‘Contact Neil’ page and send me an email, and I will endeavor to give you an answer as soon as possible.

Course Analysis & Feedback

Newly qualified judge looking for support and feedback on your course design? More experienced judge looking to enhance your clinical practice and tweak those finer details of your courses? Club trainer or individual seeking feedback on relevant skill sets and how to make the most out of your sessions? I am committed to providing a unique and comprehensive service which critically analyses and provides feedback, constructive thoughts and views on course design. This service includes discussion on appropriate skill setting, safe angles and desirable dogs’ paths, including 1 to 1 discussion with me in regards to your submitted course plan(s). Specifically for judges, I am available for regular contact in the build up to your appointment to support you in your preparation.

Cost: £6 per course plan submitted. This will include a second review of each course plan once you have received and acted on feedback provided.

Course Design Service

I have a big love for course design, and I am offering judges, competitors, clubs and organisations an exclusive opportunity to get their hands on a course designed for any level of competition from any organisation.* A service that is not currently offered anywhere in the UK, this service includes organisations such as KC**, UKA*** and FCI, among others. From Snooker and Gamblers at UKA, to KC Grade 7 Championship courses or Grade 1, to FCI Level 3 courses, I am able to cater for your requirements.

So if you’re struggling for a little motivation or time, want to run a inter club competition or simply get together with a few friends at your own venue for a session, or help with your preparation in the build up to a major competition or final, then this service is for you!

Cost: £15 per course plan, available to send over in Clean Run Course Designer 4, as a PDF file or as a photo ready to use.

Specialist FCI Course Running & Analysis Sessions

First introduced in 2017, the success of this idea has led me to make this an established part of my services range for 2018. The FCI Course Running & Analysis Sessions are an intense day of learning and critical feedback whilst gaining exposure to international course design. Whilst using my own course design style within the courses, inspiration is also taken from relevant international agility judges, and in particular those judging the upcoming major international competitions. The aim of these days is to spend time running accurately and successfully on technical but fast international courses, and to leanr a little bit about the differences in course design between the UK and internationally, and why.

These days have already been used to support a number of Team GB squad members in the run up to the 2017 Agility World Championships, and this will continue into 2018, where I have dates booked in the build up to the Team GB performance weekend and 2018 Agility World Championships.

The sessions also provide attendees the opportunity to learn more about my course design rationale and ‘rules’ I use in order to create fast, fun, technical and safe courses. I have received positive feedback about these days, on their ability to inspire people to consider course design and challenge their partnership with their dog, and most importantly, for giving people the opportunity to run on course design not often seen here in the UK. These are days not to be missed

Head over to ‘Contact Neil’ and drop me an email for more information and prices for these days.

Training Days

As well as the specialist FCI days, I am available to book for training days specific to your needs. From course running sessions, to contact workshops and more, this diverse service allows you to receive valuable input and feedback to support your ongoing training programs.

Please visit the ‘Contact Neil’ if you wish to touch base with me and enquire about availability, prices e.t.c.

*This course design service does not take away the responsibility from you as an individual to ensure that the course provided is safe, and adheres to your current organisational regulations, that of the standard expectations of an Agility Judge. The course(s) will be designed so that on paper they are ready to use, and once you pay for this service and receive your course plans, you are responsible for the design of the final course that is used.

**If the course designed and provided is to be used by an individual judging at a Kennel Club licensed event, in order to adhere with current Kennel Club regulation H(1)(B)1.b; “The Judge is responsible for the design of the course and must at all times give total consideration to the safety of the dog”, I will work with you in collaboration through discussion to provide a course that is shaped around, and includes, your personal skill set preferences, style and common traits. This will ensure that the initial concept and design preferences remain yours, so that it is as easy as me simply connecting the pieces of your style together. A submission of a previous course plan to assist with this process would be favorable if possible. Once the course plan is complete and sent to you, you would be expected to ensure that it fits with the style of course you would set, and adjust accordingly should you feel this is necessary.

***In line with UK Agility Rules & Regulations 2018, I will be working with you in the design process to maintain your own personal preferences in terms of skills sets and style, and will ensure that your requests are included. You will still be required under these rules to submit your course design 4 weeks prior to the show date for approval. A submission of a previous course plan to assist with this process would be favorable if possible.