About Magic

Maciek “Magic” Wegrecki

Maciek is 26 and from Wroclaw, Poland. He studied Computer Science in University and learned coding and development skills himself. He moved to the UK in 2015 and has been working full time as a developer here ever since.

He became involved in the dog world after meeting Cat in 2016, and quickly learned to accept the craziness of it all. He had never really heard of agility until then, but has a very natural way with dogs and loves them just as much as her. He has started learning dog training with Tegan, their six year old whippet.

His own hobbies include the gym & fitness as well as sports cars & motorbikes. He is fascinated by Tegan’s double muscling and works hard to keep all three dogs fit and maintained.

He helped form Dinobark Digital when he joined at the beginning of 2017, taking on the role of Developer.

Skills & Experience

  • Developer and Directer of Okgo Agility (2017)
  • Owner and Developer of FITBOAR (2017)
  • More info coming soon










Skills & Experience