Longfield Easter 2018 (and general life updates)

I decided to go up north for Easter so entered Longfield and stayed at my parents. I only entered Saturday and Sunday, but ended up doing even less than that 🙁

The weather has been so bad so far this year. We got there and had to be towed on – but thank you Kenny for the VIP parking!!! The rings were good and I walked his 4-5 jumping which was nice. However I really struggled to warm him up – he was really sensitive to the cold and mud surrounding the rings, so I couldn’t get him moving as I would have liked. I set him up and he was so switched off, I couldn’t get him to sit because of the wet ground and he was just in a daze looking around elsewhere which isn’t like him. I released him and he ran round the jump, popped him back and then he ran like normal again.

I wanted to blind where I reared, but chickened out (especially with the ground!), and I defo can’t do two rears in a row!!! So messed that one up haha. Then I messed up after the weaves but we were already E’d anyway. Good points – huge improvement in his jumping despite the cold and wet, his turns are getting much tighter (although he’s still learning), and since he loves going in straight lines so much – I’m pleased he pulled off two jumps and a tunnel easily!

I tried to run his agility but he was completely miserable. So crept over the dog walk and even stopped mid weaves just to stare forward at the tunnel to be released?! Haha. It was also in the worst ring in terms of ground so I decided to call it quits. Even if the ground inside the rings was good, I couldn’t keep him warmed up when queuing etc so we went home and I bought him a cheeseburger instead haha.

I didn’t go back on Sunday 🙁 but I did get very drunk and caught up with old friends on Saturday so all good haha!

Next weekend Lucy is coming to train on Saturday and I’m grooming for her at the performance day on Sunday. The weekend after that we’re training with Camryn and Chloe, the weekend after that is JDA so a nice show to get back into the season, then the weekend after that is training with Naarah. Goodbyeeeee relaxing life!!! Haha

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