Dog Vegas Onley January 2018

First show of the year! Toast struggles with a lot of things – jump confidence in new places, loose turns, tight turns, seesaw, non sniffy startline, focusing on me in the queue… quite a long list! However he did really well on Saturday. He was able to greet dogs in the queue and sniff the floor whilst also turning round back at me to play. The exception being in the 4-7 jumping where he spooked in the queue 🙁 unfortunately the venue wasn’t perfect for walking in nicely an queuing, so I carried him in and out quite a lot.

With his startline I’ve probably mentioned previously in this blog that he’s absolutely fine once he’s done his finish cue (sit between my legs) – but getting him from the queue into the ring usually makes him sniff. I can’t have him off lead because he would run into the ring in a very spaniel manner before coming back to me. So I’ve been training collar grabs but not just grabbing them, walking him round by the collar for food. Also trying to get him to FIGHT getting under my legs and into position. This has really worked yaayyyy 🙂

That’s about it! I think his jumping style was quite nice in the morning (exception being every first and last jump!) but in the helter skelter he was measuring and knocked a pole. This month we’ve got training with Helen Anderson and training at Lucy’s, so I’ll see how he is there. Loads of time to give him a break if need be. However I do think in the HS he was surprised at how much I was running rather than asking him to collect/nag him, so I do wonder how much of it was not knowing where to put his feet so quickly haha. I don’t want to be ignorant to potential injury though so we’ll see!

Despite the awkward jumping – if he hadn’t knocked a pole he would have placed 2nd in the HS!!! Which is a 1-7!! I know it’s only a small show but that made me really happy! Granted there was no turning involved so maybe it would be different since he does a good impression of the titanic haha… but yay!!!

Toast with his new coat and toy from Touchango K9 – kept him warm and snug in the miserable winter weather this weekend!

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