Dog Vegas Ramsey 2017

After the disaster that was KC Fest (loved it but head was not screwed on!), I did a local show in Godmanchester but quickly left because we had just moved on the Thursday, travelled 3 hours to Lucy’s wedding on the Friday, come home on Sat and the show was on the Sunday. I was exhausted and there was just no point haha.

We entered Dog Vegas this weekend because it’s local to me and there were 6 runs per day!! We both skipped one each day as even 5 is a lot, but it was cool to have a choice of courses. Saturday was by far the best Toast and I have ever ran together, and all the hard stuff I thought we couldn’t do… we could.

His first run was agility and he was a tiny bit stressy, we are still learning the difference between dog walk and seesaw in competition (never had a dog so difficult to teach verbals to), so he overshot it. He went straight into displacement sniffing so I just asked him to carry on rather than putting him back. Still an E as I didn’t call him well enough off another jump.

The rest of his runs I honestly don’t really remember the course but they felt amazing. He was easy on the startline, extending nicely and running well. There was a blasty jumping course that we went clear and won, his mps working out at 5.9 which I’m pleased with. His next course was a naggy one which I was worried about, but Lucy gave me a lot more confidence with it and he won it by 6 seconds!!! Didn’t get mps which I’m kicking myself over, as I don’t have an idea of what he’s like with turns etc yet.

Another jumping course I really worried about but again Lucy gave me confidence in the stuff I didn’t think I could do. Worked sooo hard on connecting with him and it went amazing (I think there was only 1 clear in the large – it wasn’t easy!).. but I got cocky too early and just stopped concentrating second to last jump, where I made him take the wrong side grrrrrr. It felt AMAZING though and I think that was the best run we’ve ever done!

No videos as no Maciek haha but soooo happy with him. That means he’s now grade 4!! Huge congratulations to Lucy and little Bertie too who went grade 6!

Now looking at winter shows and to plan his break. Training with Lucy and Camryn next weekend, so will probably give him 6 weeks off after that. So excited for next year now!

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