Border Collie Classic/Agility Secrets

So this weekend we hadn’t actually planned on going to BCC, but Lucy & Bertie ended up qualifying for the Agility Secrets Jumping Cup Final.

However… it was also her hen do. I got up at 6.30am to dye and curl my hair!!!! To leave at 9am and get to hers at 11:30am. Then did makeup at hers and we went to her friend’s party for food and drinks at 1pm. Minibus into London at 4pm, at which point I was probably already gone, and then we got picked back up at 1am. So we didn’t actually stay out late, but it takes an hour to get back from London and a bit longer to actually get back to hers.

So we staggered home at a wonderful 2.30am, to set my alarm for…. 5am. Lovely. I slept in my dress and not even sure I got in the covers haha. We stopped for breakfast and got to BCC just after 9 I think.

Safe to say we were zombies and I really wasn’t expecting anything from Toast, I was only really there to support Lucy & Bertie. He was bitching in the queue quite a lot, but I just didn’t have the energy to work through it. Luckily for his jumping he was OK, but not driving to tunnels or weaves and I just wasn’t where I had planned to be (not that I had made much effort to even plan hahaha). Still though, I think him being slower meant I wasn’t desperately trying to control him, and we went clear and 2nd. He was a second behind the winner, which was a really good dog who I’m not sure he could beat even if he was his best, so I’m extremely pleased with that 🙂 actually I’m pleased with a clear no matter a place haha!

In his agility I just said tunnel too early so he missed a jump – and when I tried to get him back he was like nope bye I’m going to go sniff at the other end of the ring!! So I took him out. Not as punishment as I think the issue was my energy, and I didn’t have enough to help him either. Shame as he keeps flying his seesaws (thinks they are dws away from my field) so I reeaaally needed to test them.

Good little chappy. Complete rest day today, then will build back up for KCI on Thursday. Hoping since he’ll have agility for 4 days, we’ll have enough runs to work out what a seesaw is haha!

And here’s a little video of training on Thursday 🙂 my field is soooo my comfort zone! I am still letting us adapt this season, but next year I hope we are both confident enough to run like this in the ring!

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