Agility Club 2017

Back from Agility Club and sooo happy 🙂 I had two goals… 

  1. Structured startlines! The gap between queuing and getting into position on the startline is a bit difficult. If he catches a sniff then I’m a bit screwed, but often he just stares at the course (displacement as I’m nagging, but still wanting to run) and won’t sit.
  2. Attempt to go clear. This was the first show he knew every piece of equipment finally haha, so I wanted to see what kind of times he would get.

Startlines were great, some nagging but it was over within maybe 3 seconds and he was ready to go. I’ve been conditioning more collar grabbing which is definitely working!

Clears… well haha almost all eliminations! He flew all his seesaws the first time so no clears in agility, and it didn’t worry me as it’s not only the first show doing seesaws but he’s only ever done them outside of my field once. Every time I put him back over he was confident and actually better than at my field!! Made him a tiny bit cautious of the dog walk but nothing dramatic, I think it will smoothen out with a few more shows.

I was worried about his weaves as he hates the wooden poles at my field. He tries to drive in but just hits them and gets stuck. For whatever reason he was fine driving into them this weekend and didn’t once get stuck even though they were wood too. No idea about the science behind that but woo!

Our first run of the weekend was a jumping run which was suuuuuch a nice course for baby dogs! I genuinely didn’t realise quite how nagging courses are for grade 3s, so this was looooovely! I watched a lot of clears – wasn’t expecting to go clear myself but was really excited to have something that could really boost his confidence. The class moved a lot quicker than I thought so when they said final final call I legged it back to the car!! Quick backstory – I’m still having health issues, and I had caught Maciek’s cold/flu thing, so running anywhere other than in a ring was not good! I felt like I was going to have a heart attack, I was pouring with sweat and when I got in the queue was I only two dogs away from running and about to faint… brilliant!!!

I was worried I hadn’t warmed him up enough but actually the journey was so long from the car and he had to trot so fast that it was probably the best warm up he’s ever done haha! I really didn’t care about going clear at that point as my head was not straight at all, so there was a right turn where I thought he would flank and miss the jump… still attempted my blind as I thought fuck it. Anyway surprisingly it ended up working, he flanked but corrected himself and we went clear!!

And won!! His first ever Kennel Club clear and he won it!! There were lots of nice clears, and with almost 200 dogs in the class (although no idea how many were g3) this was amaaaaazing to me!

The rest were Es haha some were really ugly – if I don’t like the course design I just… suck. Others had their messy parts (or spaniel parts!) but for the rest he felt really cool!

The biggest thing is that there was no sniffing whatsoever. Unfortunately on his last jumping run we were told the class would start at 2.30, and despite a queue of about 30 dogs the judge disappeared for 20 mins without starting. Normally I would take him out of the queue but I had no idea what was going on or how long they would be. He was pretty good and just chilled with me, but he started getting distracted by stuff in the distance, I had people ignoring me when I asked for space, and when I put him on the startline he wasn’t even looking forward which isn’t normal for him. Half way through the course he just took off haha! Called him back and he carried on but it was a bit annoying for baby dogs to wait that long, and felt sorry for the ring party too. Not his fault and to be fair he really powered it despite being distracted!!

I didn’t run the Olympia as although it was a cool course he definitely wasn’t ready for it. Not just an E but it would have been too much failure for him. And we were a dog short for the teams so didn’t run that, but Lucy & I walked it and decided it was a good thing we weren’t running it haha.

KCI next and then Q-Me! I am loving big shows! The girls enjoyed coming along too, although we stayed at Lucy’s instead of camping and I think being the car was a bit too much for Pogo. She was quite stiff by the end of Sunday so hoping I can bring her pen instead and keep her in the tent for KC fest & Q-Me.

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