Touchango K9

Really pleased to announce that alongside Longfield Agility Solutions, we are now sponsored by Touchango K9.

I love that Touchango K9 sell modern dog products for active dogs – they keep my dogs balanced, healthy and happy. From supporting Toast’s motivation and fitness, to Pogo’s rehabilitation and health , to Tegan’s simple life of loving toys and warm coats!

Also a quick update on agility… our last competition was Thames. No clears (plus I was avoiding seesaw!), but he did really well. We are still missing a puzzle piece with startlines, my original plan was to ask for his “finish” (go between my legs), ask him to wait and then get onto the start line myself, before asking for a release and another finish. This didn’t work very easily as we did more shows, just because of the angle of the entrance to the rings and actual first jumps!

So I haven’t fixed the problem yet but I’m going back to foundations… probably shadow handling. Toy on the ground far ahead, no reward on me, follow my body etc when your lead comes off then I will send you to the dead toy. He finds this easy when I ask for jumps, but not with flat handling, so will see how it goes. Our next show is Agility Club and it definitely won’t be ready by then, but we’ll see!

This was my favourite run with him at Thames 🙂 having some issues with his jumping style – he has a good core and rear end but he just uses his front to jump. At Thames he was regularly tripping over himself as he was landing. I am Paranoid Patricia so keeping an eye out for any potential other problems, but it does make a lot of sense. Still I really enjoyed this run even though I messed up the angle to the weaves!

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